To Shampoo or not to Shampoo…….

November 7, 2016

Purelyou Hair ‘s 1st Blog Post



SHAMPOO AS LEAST OFTEN AS YOU CAN – Shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils and fads your colour. When you shampoo you should only shampoo your roots, as you rinse it is enough to clean your ends. Always shampoo twice, first shampoo lifts up products, dirt and oil ( It is also good to give your scalp a good brush before shampooing, this is the only time my hair gets brushed as brushing makes your hair fluffy especially if you have movement in your hair. I run my fingers through to get rid of any knots). Second shampoo cleans your hair ( this shampoo should be half the size of your first shampoo) by doing 2 shampoo’s your hair should be cleaner and need redoing less sooner.


If you find you have oily roots and have been shampooing your hair too regularly you will have over stimulated the oil glands which will over produce oil and then make your hair oilier, to settle these glands down you do need to give your hair a break from shampooing as often, I use to wash my hair 2 times a week but when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby I was so sick and so tired I did not have the energy to shampoo my hair and blowdry, so every night I would give my scalp a good brush to distribute the oil through my hair instead of it sitting on my scalp than for work I would create a 5 sec messy bun on the top of my head, I think this is how I wore my hair for my whole pregnancy and then the first few months. Now I can leave my hair up to 2 weeks without shampooing ( I think once I had left it for 3 weeks unintentionally ) now this might sound gross but I still give my hair a good rinse in the shower and condition the ends twice a week. You will soon realize that your hair can feel clean and refreshed without shampooing.


Curly/wavy/frizzy and dry hair especially doesn’t need to be shampooed as often as you may think, If your hair doesn’t feel dirty/oily don’t wash it!!! Curls sit so much nicer when it's not freshly washed. If you’ve gone for a workout a good rinse and light condition is enough.


Rinse in cold water, Cold water closes the cuticle down even further which will make your hair sit smoother. Style as normal, you will still need to add some more after products for example, leave in conditioner and a styling hold.


Fine hair is a bit different as it can go flat quickly, but just try wetting it and than re-blowdrying , maybe skip the conditioner part and than add a little more volumizing product on your roots. It is a bit trial and error to see what works best for your hair type.


Buy the best Hair care range you can afford, the cheap ones are just filled with detergents and harsh chemicals, by investing in a good quality organic care range you will not be absorbing all the nasties and your hair will be treated to it's specific needs, It definitely pays to invest in quality product especially if you don't just have thick shiny straight hair. 

Buy shampoo to suit your roots,

ie - fine hair, buy a volumizing shampoo

and buy conditioner to suit your ends

   - Dry ends , buy a moisture conditioner




Hope this has helped xo



PS. This is just my opinion and my advice, not all hairdresser will agree but this is just from my experience so just do your own research x

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